Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tell a Friend about A Year of Plays

Hello Dear Readers,

This week we are exactly halfway into my Year of Plays -- Week 26 -- and I wanted to take a brief moment for a few words, and to ask you for some help.

It started as a lark, but I now find I'm really in love with this idea that we can talk and write about art without reviewing it.  The idea isn't to disguise our opinions but to remind ourselves that picking over what we don't like is only one slim part of what can be a much larger, much richer conversation.  I've gotten so much value out of retraining my brain to think this way that I want more people to give it a try.

This is why I've set a personal goal to double (maybe even triple?) my readership of A Year of Plays -- and I need your help to do it!

If you also support the idea of creating a richer public discourse about art, please tell a friend -- or two!  Click on the "Email Post" icon at the bottom of every post, use the "Share A Year of Plays" gadget over there in the sidebar, or just mention it over a beer.  Help spread the idea that our conversations about art are not limited to talking about the bits that didn't work!

Finally, thank you!  I so thoroughly enjoy writing this blog that it comes as a giant ladleful of drippings-and-cream gravy that anyone should read it or enjoy doing so.  (Great, now I've made myself hungry for turkey.)  Your support is tremendously encouraging and I thank you for it.

Now go read below about A View from the Bridge!



  1. Hey, great blog! I'm doing a similar thing - reading plays and trying to avoid the review-ness in favor of attempting to describe what's going on, how it's structured and rambling about other things they make me think of. Glad to stumble across your experiment.

  2. Thanks for writing Kristen. I'm glad to be introduced to your blog as well. I like that you are reading yours. Reading a play and seeing it performed can be such different experiences, each providing something that the other can't. Good luck on your journey!