Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mamet + Anna = Sam + Diane

Just read an old post from Ken Davenport's producer blog and it made me smile. In it, he reprints a leaked memo that David Mamet apparently wrote to his writers when he was working on "The Unit."  As you may recall from my post about Race, I have pretty conflicted feelings about Mr. Mamet.  I keep wanting not to like the guy, and he keeps winning me over.  I feel like Diane on a vintage episode of Cheers, utterly repelled by the man in front of me and yet simultaneously wanting to grab his head between my hands and smash my face against his.  In the end, I gotta love the man.  He knows of what he speaks, and I'll concede that his obnoxiousness is pretty hilarious.  Enjoy:  How to f-ing write! A mother f-ing missive by David Mamet.

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